Aug 24, 2016

Myron Ian Nix!

What a wonderful young son!

Aug 18, 2016

Old Songs Say It So Well (3)

L. Wolfe

There is peace and contentment in the Father's house today
Lots of food on the table, and no one is turned away;
There is music and laughter as the hours pass by
But a hush calms the singing as the Father sadly cries:


“Just one life. This is all any one of us has to offer. How can it be used for the greatest glory of God and the greatest blessing to men? How can we be as useful as possible and as effective as possible as Christians?”Michael Griffiths, Give Up Your Small Ambitions, 1970

Jun 15, 2016

Ryan Noah Nix!

...Your Daddy loves you so much...

Jun 9, 2016


The missionary heart: Care more than some think is wise. Risk more than some think is safe. Dream more than some think is practical. Expect more than some think is possible. I was called not to comfort or success but to obedience….There is no joy outside of knowing Jesus and serving him.”—Karen Watson, martyr, March 15, 2004

May 15, 2016

The Business of Soul-winning Can Hurt

Loving souls can be a risky endeavor. Sometimes the rewards are great...others, not so much; occasionally, you end up with a lot of egg on your face.

I am sad to report that this is an "egg-on-face" moment: there is not much good to report in regard to the previous post, "A Tract and a Jehovah's Witness."

It appears, at this juncture, that we were almost the victims of a very sophisticated swindle –with a cast of actors that deserve an Oscar.

The man hit us up for a goodly sum of money for a "bone marrow transplant," but when our office administrator asked him for ID, he gave it - but stopped accepting or returning all phone calls and text messages, even though it was supposedly urgent for right then (yesterday). We've been doing a lot of investigating, and find no connections so far between him and the JWs. 

I hate to have to report this, but at least there isn't a dying 15-year-old. Still...what a sad story. Thank you all for praying in good faith...and I'm glad we were alerted in time.

May 12, 2016

The Power of a Tract...

A Gospel Tract and a Jehovah's Witness

How did it happen? Jehovah's Witnesses aren't allowed to read our literature; it is strictly forbidden, under the threat that evil spirits will enter the reader from the literature.

But we're passing out thousands of flyers and tracts, laying the groundwork for our annual Lima crusade this week...

And a Jehovah's Witness leader took one.

May 3, 2016

Old Songs Say It So Well (2)

     BROKEN PROMISES (Ruth Munsey)

     Only broken promises, only broken vows:
     "Tomorrow, Lord, I'll work for you –I see the need so clearly now!"
     But until you heed the Master's call and lift the sinners from their fall,
     These are only broken promises, broken promises...
     That's all.

     Yesterday I saw a sinful land: neglected fields on every hand
     A million souls reached out to me – I cried, "Lord! I'll go willingly!"
     I vowed to make a brand new start:
     "Lord, count on me; I'll do my part..."

     But today, the morning sun arose; a busy day, it soon disclosed;
     I walked in my own willful paths, followed close all my selfish plans
     Those prayerful vows made in the night,
     Forgotten when the sun shone bright...

     For they were... (chorus)

How about you, child of God...servant of the Most High? Are there some promises that need dusting off and keeping?

Millions of souls reach out...

Old Songs Say It So Well (1)

     DON'T TAKE JESUS  (Dottie Rambo)

     Take away my earthly wealth and treasure,
     The feeble things I call security;
     Take away the things that bring me pleasure
     But don't take Jesus...He's life to me.

     Take away the child that brought me sunshine,
     The little girl I held upon my knee;
     God can dry my tears and mend this heart of mine
     But don't take Jesus...He's life to me.

     He's more than life to me, more than life to me
     Don't take Jesus...He's life to me.

          (Listen to it HERE)

He really is everything...more than we realize, until He's all we have left.

We live in a world full of things; we're obsessed with things. Yet the suicide rate is climbing fast; there are more divorces yearly than weddings; consumption of illegal substances is fast becoming legal. More and more are turning to Eastern mysticism, to outright paganism, even to Islam. They seem to be driven by the realization that there is something missing...something without which nothing else really matters. If they can't find it, they drown themselves in substances...or force an end to what seems to be a pointless existence.

Perhaps that is why God sometimes allows His children to be violently stripped of everything the world holds dear ––even the very things He created us to hold dear: to serve as living advertisements to a desperately seeking world of a God Who is sufficient. To speak to them in the only language they understand, and cause them to see that Jesus Christ really is that Something...that Someone they can't do without. To give them irrefutable proof that without Him, nothing makes sense, nothing satisfies, nothing matters. Please don't take Jesus; He really is Life to me.

Sometimes we're missionaries without even knowing it.

May 2, 2016

Kirby Nathanael Nix!

...From a grateful and very proud father...and a believing one.